but not for us

we were scattered and slain

toer is gone

i too will soon be gone

this is my last post, this machine will be destroyed when they find me and kill me
i am sorry i have not fulfilled my promise - life is too chaotic for me to ever put into words

suffice to say that we fought hard and brave, but we are no more
our people are no more

remember me, maybe one day our worlds will meet when all is well with the universe



training program: complete

myself and toer recently completed the training program - we are now ready to participate in standard and specialist combat situations
this is the first opportunity i have had to update you on the proceedings
we have been exceedingly busy and there is little chance of a holiday - suffice to say we are holding out effectively although the enemy onslaught is continuous and ruthless
i hope i will be able to inform you in more detail at some point, but now i have duties to attend to


where did time go?

i don't know
the last week or so has been spent in a daily routine of training, building and fighting
i do not have time to say any more now, but i promise i will inform you of more later
myself and toer are alive and well



we have been verified

it turns out that toer was a senior member of the government
he never mentioned that to me
i have no time now, alas, but be assured that we are safe as we can be



it has been many days since i last posted - i must apologise, but our current situation allows very little spare time

myself and toer are still alive and well - toer, indeed, is recovering very well indeed and his vision has nearly been totally restored

i can only put this down to what you would call a "miracle"


somehow we managed to avoid detection and reach the bunkers
again, this must be some sort of miracle - there are skirmish patrols everywhere and high-standard surveillance equipment in operation


alas, we are still outside the bunkers
the guards will not let us enter until they have verified who we are
until then we have a good shelter to sleep in, and plenty of food (provided by the guards)
if they cannot verify us they will kill us
otherwise they will let us in