it is much to my dismay that i inform you that i will not be able to post as regularly as i had hoped when i first discovered this device
the government have turned down my application for assisted evacuation - i must therefore make my own way to the REFUGE
the only time i will have to write will be before i sleep
alas, i will not be able to elaborate about the doings of my people, of our history and so forth
i shall consign myself to updating you on the proceedings of the war, of my day-to-day life and struggles
i hope that this will be of interest to you
if you are reading this i would appreciate response; i am alone and frightened



i decided against posting during your festival period
anyway, life was becoming rather hectic - hazardous, I should say - what with the legal complications surrounding my father's efforts to disown me
and the war
on [550] at x2^44 (/dECEmBER 27tH/ by your calendars) the #XLK-xx$ (the main military body for the people of #RELAE-xx) opened fire upon the city of dr3dge~4
there were over 5000 civillian casualties within the first morning
a decleration of war followed shortly
i was not intending to enlist, but thankfully i am still too young
plans are being made for the evacuation of the cities to our REFUGE
as an outcast i will have to make my own way there



my people, the #hhkal, are one of the most developed nationalities in our world
our current leader Ariaal is a very intelligent man but, alas, a stubborn man too
he is refusing to negotiate peace with our neighbours, claiming that they do not deserve peace
alas, their military forces far out-number ours and it is likely that we will soon be under occupation
i do not take a political stance - we have one ruling party and the other parties, though legal, are insignificant
i agree that our government makes mistakes, just as it achieves great things
if they are willing to learn our nation will be succesful and powerful
if not, we are doomed
i am currently unemployed
i have retained few friends - many people abandoned me when i was evicted from my father's house
class and status mean everything in our world
i live in a two-roomed house on benefits and write poetry
i try to explore as much of my surroundings as possible, and often leave home for many days to travel
that is who i am
i hope you will learn more of me



it took longer than anticipated, but my father willingly constructed a machine with which to recharge the battery
the machine required needs to convert different particles and alter their charge from negative to positive and /vICe-VeRSa/ - i neither know nor fully understand the entire process
as far as i am aware the battery therefore has a limited amount of possible charges, so i will at some point need father to construct a new battery
he was, needless to say, impressed that such a machine had appeared here and disappointed that his renegade son found it
another unfortunate event happened after i left - part of his house was hit by a bomb from the #XLK-xx$ and one of his servants died
the household is in mourning for the rest of the day



having researched about these machines using what /WEbSItes/ i could on the /inTerNET/ i realise now that it is powered by /batTTEries/ - i suspected some internal power source
as the battery begins to drain, so the performance of the machine is effected
i shall take it to my father and get him to operate the charger for me


my world is somewhat different to yours
although we are not technologically more advanced, we can do things that you cannot - such as see you
we are able to watch humans go about day to day life by using special machines that can apparently transcend the boundaries of dimensions -
how they work is something of a mystery to me
however, you have certain advantages - your weapons are more developed than ours, your home appliances and communication devices are slightly better, and you value aesthetics far more than our scientists do
we do not look all too different - we are taller than you (it appears), with longer /fInGERs/ and less body hair
our men cannot grow beards, unlike yours



i am ka~3
i live alone now, anD have Done for three years
i left my family aged x!1^33 when my father refused to accept me as his son
he is a scientist, a very intelligent man, and i - although i admire and respect his trade - am an artist - a /pOeT/ in your words
arts are not valued in our culture, and those of us who express artistic interest are said to be imitating you humans, who we often watch
we are not respected - we are scorned
thus my father evicted me and i stayed in a shelter for two years, until i decided i should move on
this change in environment had dramatic effects on my personality and my creativity, and explains much of the confusion that persists in my thought-patterns



this is all very peculiar
i seem to be able to access your /iNTerNEt/ but only certain websites. i have never witnesseD any cross-Dimensional connection before, so i cannot explain why. i wonDer if it is linked to the location of our machines - i Doubt it. i am confuseD.
Despite being limiteD to a small amount of your /wEbSPAce/ i have been able to investigate many interesting things
i will soon tell you about myself, when i have finished exploring


i have DiscovereD the past
a young man calleD /RoBerTO/ createD this weblog with the intention of informing other /bLOGgerS/ about his mountaineering aDventures
this explains the strange URL
he happeneD to be in the region of one of the few surviving machines
which DetecteD his computer
and his computer was brought to our Dimension through a complicateD matter-transportation event that i Do not properly comprehenD
our scientists are very clever
but perhaps i shoulD tell you about me
i will do it next Day


my name is #KA~3
you cannot pronounce this
i write on a handhelD computer that founD itself in our worlD at x3^60 toDay
long have i DreameD of this prospect - an opportunity to interact and converse with the people of >47_ D3
that is, you
your worDs are new to me
i hav stuDied hard and am very accomplisheD for one of my age anD status
Do not be DisturbeD by this - i am aware that it is as unusual for you as it is for me, with one Difference
we have known of your existence for many DecaDes
you Do not yet know who we are

can you read me?

Main Entry: blog
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page; also called Weblog, Web log
Example: Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author.
Etymology: shortened form of Weblog
Usage: blog, blogged, blogging v, blogger n
and i b3gin the long roaD to unDerstanDing


this is strange
letters make no sense to me
i am a quick learner


We Need Help

This is unnatural. I don't know what the hell is going on but the handheld is now completely see-through and I can barely see what I'm typing. It is also very soft to touch - like cloth or sponge - and there are gold and purple sparks around the edge. I am scared - seriously scared. If you know anything about this kind of phenomenon please leave a comment to reassure me.


This is weird... the handheld is actually nearly 100% transparent. It still feels solid... kind of. It is softer to touch. I don't know whether this is a reaction to the cold or what, it's odd... really odd.
We are genuinely scared. Tomorrow we will investigate futher - if it's still in the same condition.
Or still visible, Freddie adds. Ahaha. £3000 going invisible isn't funny, ok?
I'll keep you up-to-date - we really are spooked out.

Night Fall

It's dark. It's been dark for five hours now, but now it's too dark to see.
Freddie is unpacking stuff into our tent - we're camped in a hollow on the side of one of the smaller mountains. I'd get my map and tell you its name and our exact location, but I don't think you'd care and I can't be bothered. Anyway, there's something interesting I've gotta tell you.
This handheld I'm writing on is going see-through.
When we first settled here and began to make camp I noticed little sparks around the edges. Since then it's gradually lightened in appearance until it's now translucent. I can see where my hand is on the back - it's really weird. I think it is reacting to some mineral or something in the ground... anyway, it's kinda spooky.