but not for us

we were scattered and slain

toer is gone

i too will soon be gone

this is my last post, this machine will be destroyed when they find me and kill me
i am sorry i have not fulfilled my promise - life is too chaotic for me to ever put into words

suffice to say that we fought hard and brave, but we are no more
our people are no more

remember me, maybe one day our worlds will meet when all is well with the universe



Blogger jdaviddark said...

maybe this is meant to just sit here beautifully abd tragically unnoticed (i only just now noticed that theren't no comments to be found on any entry), but i'd like to say WELL DONE. really well done. a little envelope of light.

3:31 am  
Blogger Roberto said...

God bless ya Kae, you were interesting - if a little bleak - to write for.

It was a shame you had to go.

4:01 pm  

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