"back online"

alas, the battery and charger made by my father failed a few days ago (due to intense soaking) and I have spent the time since attempting to repair them with the help of my friend toer
toer's blindness appears to be easing: he can now see shadows and light (very blurrily)

we hope he will return to full sight eventually
we have spotted several scout patrols, and several flight convoys (presumably) taking prisoners back to #RELAE-xx

it is all rather terrifying

i must go now (we are working on something) but when i have a few hours spare i will say more


about toer

he tells me that before he was blinded he had spent his time telling travellers from the east to avoid the refuge
he knew about the soldiers and the machines

he knew that the people outside were being tortured, imprisoned or killed

he was trying to help
alas, he was relatively unsuccesful - where else was there to go?

when the bomb had fallen he had been helping a young family build a shelter at the far end of the woods
as far as he knew, they had all died
he had wandered into the woods in despair, blind and hopeless
and he met me
he has many interesting stories to tell



i have a companion
he is blind - probably because of a bomb - and was unable to make his way to the refuge

the government, it seems, bypassed him
well, they are rather busy aren't they?
my companion is of similar height and stature to me, though he is nearly ten of your years older than me

he has lighter hair than me, and pale, unseeing eyes
it saddens me
he is an interesting man, wise (it appears) and very intelligent
his name is to3r~zael
i shall refer to him as toer


the source

forgive me if i mistype, for i am partially blinded
at some hour this morning there was a tremendous flash of bright light which caused me to fall to the ground, shortly followed by the loudest noise i have ever heard and a blast that knocked me back along the floor
my ears are still ringing and there are still occasional tremors in the groud - or maybe that is my legs
the explosion was, as i feared, a result of the buzzing (which has now ceased)
it is my belief that the #XLK-xx$ have penetrated the refuge
i can only pray that i am wrong


an incessant buzzing

i am now far enough away to be able to move fairly liberally and with less caution

i have covered perhaps ten miles in the last week and hope to cover another ten today, though my bones ache somewhat severely
there is an incessant buzzing on the air, distant but intense

it speaks of evil



i haven't been able to post
i haven't been able to move

sitting motionless in a bush for twenty-three hours a day, walking for one hour every night to a new bush slightly further away from the refuge....

i'm far away enough to spend two hours out at night now

this means that i can post safely

i hope
i still don't know if my signal will be picked up

i can only hope


fresh air

i have escaped
i left through one of the emergency fire hatches while the E.M.P. worked its magic
the guards let me go after I shot one of them and broke the other one's neck

I am not normally violent, but after a week listening to the cries of tortured, mutilated men, women and children I am not in the most forgiving of moods
it will catch up with my conscience later, but at the moment i am satisfied in my own wrath
i am hiding in the forests three miles south of the refuge, waiting to see what life will bring next



i feel claustrophobic and ill

outside people are being tortured and massacred

i can hear the screams even though the refuge door is twelve metres thick
we can all hear the screams



life in here is empty and meaningless
my days so far have been spent trying to avoid my family while they try to avoid me

i have also done some browsing on this machine
today a broadcast direct from #XLK-xx$ control was played through the announcement system here
they had the voices of men who were being tortured, amongst other things
threats, propaganda, news of their victories

outside are men, women and children who were to late
the refuge is shut against them and they will slowly be destroyed
i want to get out


[ 1 ]

the refuge is shut
i am inside
i have met my father and mother, who greeted me politely and calmly
my brother is dead
they told me calmly, not casually, yet their tones implied that it was not unexpected
that we should not be upset or oversurprised

death, after all, is just another part of life
i hid alone and wept for two hours when they had gone



i left the cave later that night
it still hasn't stopped raining
i was given a protective jacket by an old man
the risk of me catching any fatal illnesses has now been reduced, thankfully
i walked solidly for two days and am now in sight of the refuge
i am recieving news reports daily on my etj-55
casualties, victims
enemy propaganda
government propaganda
heart wrenching stories
i am lucky enough to have avoided any close combat, though the bombs are terrifying
the cities are falling to the enemy
the refuge is our only hope



i cannot find a better word to describe how i feel
i have a fever
the cave i am in is half flooded, i perch on a ledge to keep dry
the wound in my arm has (thankfully) not become infected
however, the bleeding was rather severe - especially after i extracted the metal - and i am rather faint from blood loss
the rain has still not stopped
if it does not stop tomorrow i shall move on regardless lest I drown in my cave



i have managed to relocate this blog to http://ka-3.blogspot.com
i am surprised that this works for me


it has been raining all morning
our rain is unlike your rain
the clouds are permanently massed together because of the climate of our world
we fear this may be a result of the gasses produced by your people spilling over into our atmosphere
/it never rains but it pours/
this is true for us
i will not be able to leave this cave until tomorrow evening at the earliest
my spare time has been spent researching and revising my /english/
i have also been browsing the weblog archives - those that i can access
it is most interesting observing the different methods people use to communicate
the different uses of language
the huge spread of emotions
in my world emotions are frowned upon as being irrational and unnecessary
artists such as myself are considered foolish and pathetic
i envy your depressives, your hyperactives, your overjoyous ignorants, your lovestricken tragics
those of you who are not afraid to be happy



have you ever seen a bomb explode?
i do not know much about the bombs of your world
ours are typically explosives packed into cases and set to trigger and detonate upon impact
when I say "ours" i mean the #XLK-xx$
what i saw today

two small boys and four grown men
the bomb (precision-guided) lands in the middle of their group as they walk down the road
the explosion half-blinds me but amidst the flying shrapnel i see a human head fly past me
the sound deafens but a second later there is silence
then gulping, screaming, crying
and then silence
one mangled pulp of a body is recognisable
one man is still alive, minus his left arm
the others are one big dead, bleeding mess
blood is spattered along the ground in an almost circular pattern with a radius of about eight metres
i am six metres from where the group had stood
there is a piece of metal in my arm, above the elbow joint, and blood on my face and clothes
the blood is not mine
this was not the first encounter i had had with a bomb
it is, however, the closest and most graphic
although i can already feel myself hardening towards the reality of war, i refuse to grow cold at the prospect of death and loss
i will leave myself open and therefore vulnerable, as so few people are able to do