we have been verified

it turns out that toer was a senior member of the government
he never mentioned that to me
i have no time now, alas, but be assured that we are safe as we can be



it has been many days since i last posted - i must apologise, but our current situation allows very little spare time

myself and toer are still alive and well - toer, indeed, is recovering very well indeed and his vision has nearly been totally restored

i can only put this down to what you would call a "miracle"


somehow we managed to avoid detection and reach the bunkers
again, this must be some sort of miracle - there are skirmish patrols everywhere and high-standard surveillance equipment in operation


alas, we are still outside the bunkers
the guards will not let us enter until they have verified who we are
until then we have a good shelter to sleep in, and plenty of food (provided by the guards)
if they cannot verify us they will kill us
otherwise they will let us in


behind enemy lines

we have arrived
toer's sight has improved remarkably since the date of my previous post
he can now identify some palm-sized objects and recognize colours
this is encouraging news, but the only encouragement i can share
we are behind the lines of the enemy
weapon-fire is now clearly audible, as are the sounds of screaming

as far as we know the enemy use only helmet-radio to communicate
therefore we deduce that the screams are from resistance fighters
it is worse than torture to hear
we are going to devise a plan to avoid the enemy and enter the resistance bunkers

i am glad that toer is with me


how much longer?

there has been fighting here
intense fighting
the land has been destroyed by explosions
mud covers everything
there are immense craters where once were fields
no bodies though

only silence
the hills remain in the distance

we will persevere


hell begins

in the distance the hills rise

that is our destination

that is where we will meet our end
toer's eyesight is returning gradually - he can see shapes
we are both greatly encourage

alas, he will not turn back, pressure him though i do

he insists on coming with me to the resistance

i tell him that is futile, that we will die

he insists that we will die anyway
what hope is there in this world?



myself and toer are making our way to the shri~kroaete hills in the hope of joining the resistance
toer is very intelligent and knows a lot about the land, and the enemy

i am able-bodied and have enough wit to know when to keep my head down
the last sector has fallen

all that remains is a few pockets of resistance and thousands of dead
it was not worth this

it is never worth this


a message

i will transcribe it directly as intercepted:

to the #hhkal people, from your leader Ariaal
do not give up hope, we are not defeated
while the enemy ravages our land one sector still holds strong

the military are still at large, and a group of us have taken up refuge in the bunkers in the shri~kroaete hills

if you can make it then come to us, bring your possessions and food
do not submit to the enemy's methods of torture and oppression; instead choose death and glory
for your people

the brave #hhkal
Ariaal out

#error 377~kt

unfortunately it seems that one of my posts has been deleted

i do not know why this is, but it is rather frustrating as it was the longest post i have made yet
in it i explained (amongst other things) that it is because of my poor grasp of your language (and indeed lettering) that i take so long to post

i can only post when i have an extended period of time to work out what i am saying
at the moment i rarely have time